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May 28, 2002

The Week in Quotes

May 20-26

by Derek Zumsteg


"This will improve us defensively. We were concerned we were too one-dimensional. If we're going to struggle to score runs, we're probably going to have to do as much as we can to prevent them."
--Billy Beane, Athletics GM, on trading outfielder Jeremy Giambi for utility player John Mabry

"The message is sent. The guys with options left have got to be thinking about (being demoted) now. I would if I was them."
--David Justice, Athletics outfielder, on seeing Giambi traded and infielder Frank Menechino and pitcher Jeff Tam sent to Triple-A

"I told them, when you don't win games, something's going to change. At least I didn't lie to them."
--Art Howe, Athletics manager

"I always hate to use the term rebuilding, especially in May. We're sort of addressing the fringe right now and trying to make some small changes that will make an impact down the road."


"I would highly recommend to both mayors that the vote be taken on primary day. None of these gimmick elections, July 4th or something, when everyone's out of town."
--Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota, on the stadium-funding referendums to be held by potential host cities

"This is a very, very special development that everyone is trying to understand and trying to figure out the implications of."
--Roger Magnuson, Twins lawyer in contraction litigation, on the passing of a stadium funding mechanism

"You can't have a stadium until this case is dismissed. The commission is interfering with the Twins staying here by not dismissing this case."
--Joseph Anthony, MLB attorney, urging the MSFC to drop its lawsuit challenging contraction

"This whole court case is an effort to ensure this team stays in Minnesota, and therefore we are not going to dismiss until we are guaranteed that this team is going to be here for the long term."
--Bill Lester, MSFC executive director


"It's an unrelated issue. Contraction was about cities and markets that weren't producing revenue and didn't have a hope of producing revenue. It doesn't have to do with how people are playing on the field."
--Bud Selig, MLB Commissioner, asked again whether the Brewers should be a contraction candidate

"With all due respect, we're trying to get a new stadium in Minnesota tonight. Both teams, the Vikings and Twins, said they need a new stadium. They can't survive and that's the same thing in Montreal."

"I don't think he's in a do-or-die situation. He saw baseball with their contraction put a gun to our heads and he saw some results, so he's just attempting to do the same thing right now."
--Ventura, hearing the Vikings owner was carping about need a new stadium

"Anything that intensifies feelings and adds more tension to the equation is, frankly, not very productive and doesn't help any. I hope we can turn the rhetoric down and get back to work."
--Selig, after the MLBPA discussed possible strike dates

"It is disappointing and I find it sad because I told everybody a year ago, while we may disagree on the issues, we're not going to get personal. And we've lived up to our end of the bargain. I don't think threatening anybody, getting personal, does anybody any good."


"Many of those items appear to be costs the district hopes to recover in the future; we relied on the district's general ledger and did not use 'Enron-style' accounting that relies on possible future revenues to balance the district's budget."
--Legislative Audit Bureau memo on Miller Park construction costs, wherein receipts from pending lawsuit against Mitsubishi are counted against expenditures


"I hear I get a watch, and that's cool. I need a watch."
--Adam Dunn, Reds outfielder, on being named NL Player of the Week

"This is not just a day off. Good baserunning is just as important as good hitting to win baseball games."
--Lou Piniella, Mariners manager, on sitting infielder Jeff Cirillo following baserunning errors

"Other than pitching and defense, baserunning will win more games than anything."
--Lloyd McClendon, Pirates manager

"They need more of a set schedule here because this is ridiculous. It's a lot of night, day, night, day, night, day, and it's just tiring. We have expressed it to Peter Magowan, but Peter Magowan only cares what the fans think."
--Barry Bonds, Giants outfielder, on Pac Bell Park game times

"He doesn't really give a s--- what we think when it comes to scheduling. I don't blame him in a way because he's got to draw people into this stadium, so don't take it the way I said it, in a derogatory way."

"I feel better than I've ever felt at the plate. I've hit a lot of line drives right at guys."
--Craig Paquette, Tigers infielder

"Why complicate a game that is so simple? When the time comes to look fastball, look fastball and no further."
--Julio Franco, Braves infielder

"120 pitches is not a lot of pitches. 150, 160 pitches is a lot of pitches. Not that we plan to do that with our guys."
--Jeff Torborg, Marlins manager

"My job is safe because I can play. You can't hide a good player."
--Shawon Dunston, Giants outfielder

"I'm not doing it any more. This is my last year of doing it. We're going to play within our means from now on. At least break even. Breaking even is at least a start, and has got to happen."
--Tom Hicks, Rangers owner, on his team's high payroll and low performance

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