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July 30, 2001

The Week in Quotes

July 23-30

by Derek Zumsteg


"I think anyone would agree that this makes us a better team."
--Billy Beane, Athletics general manager, on the three-way trade that brought outfielder Jermaine Dye to the A's

"We're trying to create a deep, 40-man roster. We have a lot of holes to fill. It's going to take time. We've got to be consistent with that approach, and we've got to make difficult trades to do that. It's a trade we agonized over. Neifi [Perez] was a great player here and still very young. I realize this is not a very popular trade and I'm not a very popular guy right now, but ultimately we have to do what we think is right for this organization."
--Dan O'Dowd, Rockies GM, on trading infielder Neifi Perez to the Royals in one leg of the trade

"People say, 'Well, you've got two shortstops. You won't get much in return.' But I differ. If you're in the hunt and you're trying to win, trying to fill a gap, you're going to make a deal. Or if a team thinks Rey [Sanchez] may be better than what they have, they may say, `Let's get him here and see if we can sign him.'"
--Allard Baird, Royals GM, on what he plans to do now that he has shortstops Perez and Rey Sanchez

"It really hasn't hit me yet. It's kind of sad because I've been with the White Sox my whole career. I'll miss everything about Chicago, the fans, the front office, the pizza, everything."
--James Baldwin, Dodgers pitcher, on being traded from the White Sox

"I think he meant a lot to the young guys. But I guess that doesn't matter nowadays."
--Ray Durham, White Sox infielder, on the James Baldwin trade

"I've said all along that any trades we make will be to still make a run this year and keeping the mindset of where we're going next year. There is no white flag. We're not conceding anything."
--Ken Williams, White Sox GM

"It was an honor to be a Tiger, and to have thrown the last pitch at Tiger Stadium. [...] Matty was ready to be the closer, and maybe I can come back next year in a setup role. I just wish I could have brought the Tigers a little more in the deal."
--Todd Jones, Twins pitcher, after being traded from the Tigers for injured pitcher Mark Redman


"I'd rather take a team that can hit in the clutch than a great hitting team any day. That's how you win."
--Dante Bichette, Red Sox outfielder

"I feel more comfortable with runners on base. I have better concentration and I know the pitchers more."
--Alfonso Soriano, Yankees infielder

"The difference between hitting .260 and .280, .290 or even .300 is one hit a week. I always concentrated with men on base. But if we were up 10-0 or 12-2 in a game, I figured I'd save the hits for the next game when we needed them."
--Bill Mazeroski, Hall of Fame second baseman


"When you look at that and consider the fact that he was a National League All-Star last year and drove in 100 runs and played very well, you have to consider all of those factors when you make a determination whether you're going to sign this player."
--Dean Taylor, Brewers GM, on last winter's signing of outfielder Jeffrey Hammonds

"I've been probably the best player in the world, the worst player in the world, disregarded, nobody wanted me to play for them, sent down to the independent league, rumors, this and that, that and this and I will probably be the only individual where no one has ever known who I really am. It will be interesting. Read the book."
--Jose Canseco, White Sox designated hitter, on his forthcoming (and unwritten) autobiography

"I always considered myself a Tim Raines-type player. Steal bases, hit for an average, make plays."
--Lenny Harris, Mets outfielder (.208/.263/.255, 3 SB, 2 CS)


"Some days are better than others. Some days I think, 'What the hell am I doing out here?' The whole thing is about my leg and how it feels. Ten percent of me does say, 'Go home.' That's just the fact with not being able to do everything I want to do on the field."
--Ken Griffey Jr., Reds outfielder, on his recovery from his hamstring injury and possible retirement

"I've been to frustration, then to disappointment and then to embarrassment. It's going to be fixed."
--Jerry McMorris, Rockies owner

"We haven't been going in the right direction for the last month, but overall I feel we're going in the right direction."

"Obviously we have to have players who can hit the ball. But we wanted to get more athletic players who could play good defense, and we wanted to get pitchers who could throw strikes. We got off that plan a little this year, and we're in the process of correcting that."


"Now it looks even more like I'm the dirtbag everybody thinks I am."
--Rod Beck, Red Sox reliever, on being televised picking up and then chewing gum that had dropped out of his mouth on to the field

"They usually walk me with the bases loaded."
--Barry Bonds, Giants outfielder, explaining why his recent grand slam against Curt Schilling was his first since April 26, 1998

"The one thing with Scotty [Rolen] is, if he's in a little funk offensively, he still can save two or three runs with his glove. He's trying. He's just in a little funk. He's not letting it affect the way he plays in the field. He's as good as I've seen in the field. He's right up there with [Mike Schmidt]. He's the best in this league. I'd say he's the best in either league."
--Larry Bowa, Phillies manager, on third baseman Scott Rolen

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